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The environment huh? "That's just a load of hippies whinging on about koala bears and dolphins isn't it?" We've all heard these sentiments before, and be honest, they're pretty persuasive aren't they? Well here at SAABGEEK II© we try to break free of such blinkered attitudes. We firmly believe that the environment is a 'most cherished gift' and that we are all its guardians. The point of this section is to give people who may live in cities, towns or even oil rigs a chance to see the true blessed beauty of nature before it disappears forever. Rather than actively seek to stop the insane destruction of our natural habitat, we have made the decision to create a hackneyed 'image composite' to act as a permanent reminder of what this precious planet was once like. Best of all though, it's FREE to print out so you can shed a tear for the pandas without shedding a cent from your wallet!! Yup, every grey cloud has a silver lining eh?

Without further a do SAABGEEK II© presents to you a once in a lifetime chance to own a laser/colour print of "Lunatics Run Amok in the Cherished Kingdom".