Welcome to the all new SAABGEEK II© pages. Saabgeek is now solely about Saabs and their Geek pilots. So far there are just three of us but our power and resolve is such that our numbers can only grow.

This site aims to showcase the joy and benefits that can be taken from piloting a huge, lumbering petrol destroying machine that needs frequent professional attention. Be warned though, the world of Saabgeek is not for the faint hearted. The language used may at times be profane or even incorrect.

Anyway, enough of all that shit, IT'S TIME TO MEET THE FREAKS...

First up, it's the owner of the Saabgeek concept unit®, Juan. Not the original Saabgeek, Juan entered 'the family' about 10 months ago and has rapidly embraced (often unwantedly) his fellow brethren. Juan was coerced into buying a Saab 90 by original Saabgeek, Miguel who fooled him by claiming that 90's were just like "really small 900's". Believing that enhanced economy would come with such a miniature car, Juan made the purchase before he had time to notice that the size claims were patently untrue but to this day holds no regret. Juan's motif is 'the turd', a symbol of virtue and honour.
Next in line is the Original Saabgeek - Miguel Nacho. Starting the Saabgeek movement back in 1996, Miguel pilots the 'Silver Lady', an immaculate, well pretty good nick 900. Miguel is a specialist in ADM (advanced driving methods) and is actually used to program automated vehicle computers thanks to his 'curb hugging' skills. To the uninitiated, the sensation is slightly unnerving though Miguel insists quite forcefully that he alone understands the handling of the 900 and that his technique is safe. Miguel's symbol is the rose-in-a-bowling-ball, a most cherished gift.
The final, and newest Geek is Joey. She has ridden her cream 99 for only a brace of months but has already discovered the pleasures of being a Saabgeek. Unlike the other two members, Joey is from a time in history's past, an age of heretics and dragon fighting. Indeed, it was during one of these battles that Joey received such wounds that her reasoning was impaired irreversibly. She now believes her Saab to actually be a form of 'Metal Dragon' that she tamed and made her mount. Joey's sign is that of the 'Tamagotchi', an ancient Samurai torture device used to induce insanity by means of constant bleeping at inconvenient moments
Another new feature of Saabgeek is the 'Rainforest Retreat' page. It is here that we try to offer a kind of online refuge from the rigours of daily work life. As we all know, the environment is of key concern for all of us and all of our tomorrows, or something. The 'rainforest retreat' is meant to act as a reminder to all of us that we aren't the only ones on this planet and that we should give it 'nuff respect. Incidentally, all of the Saabgeek Saab Squadron (SSS) are literally bristling with environmental features, whether it be catalytic converters, solar power or in the case of Juan's 'warp-bubble' car the only emission is oxygen and Condor eggs.
N.B. Copyright notice: The term 'Saabgeek' and the Saabgeek logo are not trademarks nor are they copyright. What are ya, stupid or somethin?